Hexlant is constantly researching blockchain. We will solve complicated and inconvenient problems of the world through our technology and service.


Tokenbank is the first ICO investment platform in Korea. Based on the blockchain technology, we verify and select domestic and international ICO teams.

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TokenBank offers a variety of token storage service and airdrop wallet service.We have provided the largest wallet service in Korea with quick response and excellent information.

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It is the centralized voting service that allows users who hold EOS in Tokenbank to easily participate in voting.It is convenient to see the promises and information of all the block producers around the world at a glance.


Asomescan is the convenient tracking service for investors.Enter your address to view assets and check a asset transmission list.If there is a transmission error, additional confirmation is possible via txid.

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What Hexlant is doing

Blockchain Accelerating

Blockchain Accelerating

We consult the Blockchain project of domestic and foreign. We Suggest blockchain technology that was appropriated for market and constitute token economy which was fitted it.

Developing contract and Verifying stability

Developing contract and Verifying stability

We develop various contract development besides ERC-20. In addition, we carry out the verification of the stability of the contract and check the technical stability carefully.

Blockchain Investment platform

Blockchain Investment platform

Verifies and technically verifies various projects worldwide. Furthermore, we provide a blockchain investment platform for the most convenient participation.

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Blockchain Audit at and abroad 0teams
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Practitioners say Hexlant

" Stability verification is the most precise inspection step in overseas market. We conduct detailed contract validation based on our own developed test net. "


Blockchain Developer

" Many people invest in blockchain technology. Because it is a very difficult technology, we focus on accurate technology verification, marketability review, and objective analysis. "


Service Director

" Block chaining is a difficult technology. It is also rapidly changing. We think that perfect decentralization can be started from the role of complementing centralization. "


Blockchain Developer

" ‘Why must it be Blockchain?’ When a clear reason and basis are established about this question, a blockchain service can be created that makes good functions in a market. It is the market that people have to agonize constantly. "


Blockchain Developer


Hexlant in blockchain market

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