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For example, if I want to get downtown what bus should I take?

We'll likely go to the ball game tomorrow.

I relayed the message to Dennis.

I have a lot to do today, so if you don't mind, I'd like to have this discussion at another time.

Are you from Boston?

Intruder alert, red spy's in base!

I happened to be out when the call came.

I've lost my sense of smell.

He's friendly with all his classmates.

It's not my birthday.

What really surprised me most about Eugene was how tall he was.


Farouk stood in line for an hour.

He doesn't read many newspapers.

Come and look at this!

Emi looks happy.

The water's ice cold.

Speaking in some languages sounds like praying.

I'm not perfect, I know that.

You are going to play a trick on Liisa? Count me out!

They made many changes in the proposal.


"When are you gonna call me in? These tyres are fucked!" "Don't worry there, Lewis, we need to service Nico this lap, you're next lap."

I am tired from walking.

She waited for a taxi.

He usually goes to school by bus.

You're too particular.

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Sandra has a bit of a fever.


The vodka is very strong.

I know the situation.

You must not yield to your desire to drink.

Sex change operations are now tax-deductible.

Does Emily have green eyes?

Do you have the money?

I read that the president of Brazil is a woman. Her name is Dilma.

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Don't pay any attention to what he tells you.

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Have you ever seen snow?

Could you tell me the way to the zoo?

I thought Gregor wasn't allowed to have visitors.


Don't you want to meet them?

I thought maybe you could help me.

She does not have to work.

Raja is an extraordinary person.

I'm headed downtown.


We're doing this for the money.


It keeps happening.

The book was written by Giannis.

You're never around.

You can go home now.

Every day, two little children waited for their return.


There is a parking lot behind the theater.


They're probably scared.

Scott Hall belongs to the Outsiders.

Fresh air is necessary to good health.

The wedding will take place in three months.

Try not to disturb her.


Herbert lied because he's hiding something.

It concerns you.

Rajiv hasn't lost any weight even though he says he's been dieting.


That sounds scary.


Put some ice on your leg.

Do you happen to know any Professor Braun?

Tell Teresa we're going to need more time.

You shouldn't have to pay that much to buy one of those.

I want a hug. Cyrus wants a hug, too.

Jan has a younger brother, doesn't he?

This controller has accelerometers in it so it can send a farewell transmission as your child chucks it out the window.

He is bent on becoming a vocalist.

Bill, give me a call tonight.

Because he was wealthy, he was able to go there.

I'm actually not sure what I should be doing now.

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She was apt to accept different roles.


My friend remembered which way to go.

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By chance, I met her in the street.

Those were ten minutes I'll never get back.

This gift is from him.


She is excellent in making speeches.


How many languages does Charlotte know?


I'll inform them.

As in the Bible, man may not be always perfect.

May I borrow your headphones?

This doesn't make sense to me.

Without a dictionary, it would be hard to study English.


I bought this printer yesterday.


She was noted for her good looks at school.

I can't understand why Barry won't let us go.

Who wrote this book?

It's still too early to get up.

Try some.

Babies need a lot of care.

Everybody calls him Jeff.

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I will leave home when my mother comes back.

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You won't be able to help us.

Why do you try to run away?

Teriann was staring out the window deep in thought.


"What languages do you know, Warren?" "C++, Java and a little PHP. What about you, Stefan?" "French, Japanese and Hebrew."

I abhor spiders.

Because of the rain, we didn't play tennis outside.

He was very insistent.

I want a pair of gloves.

I think she's jealous of you.

Tomorrow I'm going to Shanghai.

I cry almost every day.

You made him very happy.

You've always known this would eventually happen.

He bought his daughter a dress.


Let's try one more.

The results were far from satisfactory.

She cooked us Chinese dishes last night.

I accept you for who you are.

I never really thought about it like that.

Let me finish eating my sandwich.

Rolf is one of my best students.

When he came and found me, his whole body reeked of alcohol.

I wonder if that's her.

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I don't think we want to know.

He was deaf to all arguments.

I thought you were a man.

"I think Sassan stole my drink." "Really? I don't think he'd ever do something like that."

The fruits are dried in the sun.

They gave me a line of credit.

Fortunately, my son quickly adjusted to life in his new school.

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Gail is gross.

I had to stop.

The children watched TV while Lorenzo cooked dinner.

Today in the morning, I have seen the birth of a butterfly.

I am singing with my children.


Buy him a beer.


Strange to say, no one voted for the candidate.


Her mother is a pornstar.

I'm sure everything'll be OK.

She may be proud of her daughter.

I long to experience the food and culture of my home.

Is Johnny in a better mood today?


I need you to go to the post office for me.

Japan is also called "Nihon" in Japanese.

Jarvis started the engine.

The two countries are closely related to each other.

Tovah decided to stay with Marguerite.


They can't fire you.

He's only got one shirt because all the rest are being washed.

Ignorance has no limits.

Do you think that Spermophilus predators have night vision?

Why do we have to help them?

I've lost the feeling in my legs.

Read this carefully.

I only saw Eileen once.

Tricia hasn't been around today.

I'm going out on vacations for two months.

Their house is far from the station.

The restrooms are downstairs.

He doesn't love me anymore.

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Jarl came into the living room wearing a bathrobe.

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You have a healthy baby boy.


I heard that the new English teacher is a handsome guy who looks like Kent Cruise.


He is sitting cross-legged.

The credit is all his.

I forgot to buy flowers for Kory.

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Sometimes I understand you.

How's work going?

Galaxies are islands separated by enormous distances.

Sonja bought some expensive meat to cook for dinner.

Let's go and see.