Custom Twitch Emotes

Currently open for commission

Looking for a single set of emotes for your Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, BTTV, Discord or other community platforms? check out my portfolio by clicking "Learn More" to see if my art style suits what you are looking for, contact me via any of the social links or email at the top of this page. Pricing for custom emotes are $30USD Per Emote. Can supply a 500px x 500px Version of each emote at no additional cost. Emotes will be hosted in a Cloud location available to access 24/7

I have seen other artists withhold copyright on emote commissions which restrict streamers from building their brand, I do not follow this mentality and any and all payed commission work I do for clients I handover copyright ownership fully to allow the Streamers and Content creators to use any and all commissioned work for any purpose worry free. I only withhold copyright ownership on my own personal work and my brand material.


Illustration Work

Digital Illustrations created using Paint Tools Sai, Manga Studio EX5 & Photoshop CC

My primary art style has always been comical or cartoony, I would grow up drawing animals over and over then finding features to manipulate whilst still looking like the animal I was originally drawing, It was not until 2016 that I purchased a Samsung Tablet and broke into Digital art moving away from Traditional works, Since I have eager to grow my skills recently pushing myself to understand how to translate realism into my artwork. Those familiar with my work will know a lot of my art will have adult or comical themes. Click Learn more to see some of my work.



T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers and Prints

A one stop portal to all Merch I have created for content creators and for my own brand, interested in purchasing T-Shirts, Mugs, Stickers click Learn More Below. Fine Art Prints - Coming Soon!