I never did a day's work in my life, it was all fun.

A lot can happen in three years.


Your room is a mess.

I believe you owe me an apology.

Alton Brown doesn't like garlic presses. He says they only really have one function, which can be done with a knife.

Printing ink is in short supply.

I just don't want to hurt anyone.


You'd better ask Isaac.

How do I get to the theater?

They regarded him as their leader.

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They cast bronze into a statue.

Here comes the train!

I'm the one who danced with the kids all night.


You have been chosen.

In the U.S. I was often taken to be Chinese.

I insist on that.

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He is about forty.

I want those back when you're done.

The wall is partly covered with ivy.


I really don't want to get into it.

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He's still at work.

We can always improve.

We're trying to find out why.

Leatherback turtles can weigh hundreds of kilos.

Though timid in some respects, he was very bold in others.


Kory and Angus are college students.

We went on a long walk together.

"You've fallen asleep. Good. I am now going to leave you all alone in the dark while I go out and get drunk." "You are a terrible person." "Gosh! You're still awake." "I stick my tongue out at you as a gesture of defiance. Now continue with the bloody story. If you omit even the tiniest and most insignificant of details, you will return here tomorrow to find these walls covered in excrement. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" "Shut up and listen."

Don't be a wallflower.

Look at me and do what I do.

Debbie has little chance of winning the election.

Tell her that I'll do it.


I thought you'd figure it out for yourself.

I persuaded him that he was wrong.

I don't care what Neal does with his own money.

She looked frightened at the news.

We talked about French.

He was excused on the ground that he was young.

Your parents used to really love us.

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I didn't mean to wake them up.


Mac died in October last year.

The story will get around in a few hours.

How strange the weather is!

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Mehrdad doesn't want to move.

This is the good kind.

How many calories are there in that sandwich?

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Our teacher told us what to read.

Heinrich isn't being very friendly, is he?

Forget about them.

Is there anywhere special in Australia you want to go?

A brewery we finance has made a new sweet sake and brought some to us asking us to try it.

Evelyn's dog swims quite well.

We are very grateful to you for all the help you have given us.

I had to get some money.

I've never kissed anyone over thirty years old.

Mr Yoshida was born in Yamagata prefecture, and graduated from Nihon University College of Art with a degree in oil painting.

Those men will run.

It was so hot that I got into the shade and took a rest.

Lana ended up in second place.

Sharks are friends.

This book is well written.

His boast that he is the best pitcher is true.

Check that out.


The boy mourned the death of his hamster.

You must not behave so.

I like Australia.

I'll go to Greece.

I'll check them.

Bart assured me that everything would be ready by the time we got there.

I see them every day.


I wanna love you forever!


She is not herself today.

Is it all right if I leave early this afternoon?

I can't add anything to that.


Werner is old enough to know better.

Tell me more about Christopher.

I asked if you wanted a ride.

To meet is to part.

It rarely snows here in the winter.


Organic vegetables are popular because they're safe and tasty.

Ad-hoc councils of town elders slowly evolved into militias.

The bathroom is at the end of the hall.

I will take care of you when you are old.

They went home after they had finished the task.


I know what the Jacksons were doing.

Could you teach me how people distinguish between these words in common usage?

I know Tait is worried.

You're feeling better, aren't you?

She felt shy in his presence.

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Hotta doesn't drink and drive.

"You are alone, you know, and we are seven." "Like the seven sins," said Pinocchio, still laughing.

Have it your own way.

You're a prisoner.

Tomorrow is when I get paid.

My prayer was answered.

It is pleasant to shave off my beard.


Harold could sense that Mwa was trying to impress him.

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It sounds to me like you're interested.

They are loading oil into the ship.

You were supposed to be there.

What does the Bible say about this?

I don't think things will change anytime soon.

Did you know that the star nearest to Earth is the Sun?

George married my sister.

You're a trained professional.

Don't be in such a hurry.


Draw a straight line.

I'll give you our answer after we go into your proposal in greater detail.

Bart was convinced he could have somehow prevented his father's death.


Things will work out.

The rebels did not only take hostages, but also set the entire village on fire.

Naren has lots of things he needs to be doing.

Don't let go of the rope till I tell you.

We took a short rest on the way.

Cyrus is the night janitor.

Grandmother believes that Chinese medicines are the best.

Her harsh manner of speaking doesn't suit her pretty face.

The boy has a good school record.


We ought to be more interested in environmental issues.


William and Dawson have known each other since they were kids.

This restaurant charges a different price for tourists.

Izzy and Shadow look exhausted.

I only had three left.

As a rule, it doesn't snow much here.

I'm near the train station.

My nurse took me this morning into the streets.

Everyone in the class learned the poem by heart.

I found a brilliant boy for him.

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You needed to arrive earlier.

She gave me a haughty look and walked away.

What's your favorite memory from childhood?

This job pays pretty well.

Amir did everything for us.

It has been raining since last Monday.

I wasn't very impressed by that.

There comes our teacher.

I'm trying to save Loukas's life.

He was driving a car along the street.

The passenger train rammed into a freight train, causing the death of hundreds of people.

I heard some students complain about the homework.

Gunter might faint.


He ordered the book from the publisher in the United States.


Gregor might still be living in Boston.

Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

Bob, help me carry his luggage to the living room.


He loves him.

I returned the books I borrowed from the library, and I borrowed some new ones.

This country belongs to all of us, not just a handfull of billionaires.

Tad turned on the heater.

Those two aren't similar. they're the same.

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Milner is a graphic designer.

I don't think Brett knows French.

The smell was horrible.

She awoke in the middle of the night.

Caroline was a bit embarrassed.

Where's that sound coming from?

French has many more vowels than Japanese.

She is still under age.

I don't want Olivier to have a boyfriend yet.

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The doctor advised me to drink more milk.

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They're rather important.

I want this room cleaned.

Rafik didn't know how to ride a bicycle at that time.

Thank you, Goddess, mother of the earth, for calling me again into the world.

Lately that student has been disruptive in class. Honestly it's beginning to worry me.

Kit's proposal was denied.

This candle is not white.