The man was dying.

I've brought some popcorn and soda for us to eat and drink while playing video games.

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We have to keep the machines working.

The sight of you is an abomination to me.

Do you think Sandeep would consider dating my younger sister?

She crawled out of bed.

The detective held the wine glass up to the light checking for fingerprints.

He always takes advantage of the mistakes made by his rivals.

Elsa didn't have enough money to buy Eddie a present.

Hon's dress is older than mine.

How many nights would you like the room for?


You had me fooled.

This isn't a good sign.

Do I know you from somewhere?

Do you want to come over?

Jeffie, come back here!

Robert and Diane both looked worried.

I've got some bad news for you.

Pierce didn't want to go there by himself.

It's unlikely she's as clueless as you think.


Foreigners get special treatment in that country.


Most people studying a foreign language will never be able to speak like a native speaker.

Leslie is a creature of the night.

"Help! Help!" cried Pierrette, "I'm being murdered!"


Matthias put his hands in his pockets.

Kissing her was a magical, unforgettable moment.

Blair doesn't know where he is.

Hey, can anybody help me?

Well, OK. Continue.


Watch them closely.


She was too tired to work.

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I don't know what I'll do without you.


Can you clean the mess up?

Cristi sang very well.

What is his nationality?

I don't answer the phone when I'm working.

Tatoeba needs more political sentences.

Watch out for the steps.

He is at best a second-rate scholar.

Whenever I have a question, I just Google it.

I regretted doing that.

Bert seems to enjoy being outdoors.

Philip asked Clark if she'd go.

Is it true that Japanese think four is an unlucky number?

It's been ten years since he came to Japan.

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That book is helping you to write effectively.

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You and I come from different worlds.


The Japanese's basic diet consists of rice and fish.

Did you work in Germany?

Edmond reluctantly gave Brender what she asked for.

He has one foot in the grave.

Where was the wedding held?


The funniest thing happened to me on the way here.

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When did you come to know her?

Start this moment.

Floria went back to his car and got a flashlight.

No, I didn't sleep with him.

The soup is too hot.

She suggested that we should start earlier.

I can't believe I said that.

We will be doing the sights of Osaka about this time tomorrow.

I had the luck to find a good job.

We're sorry, too.

He often goes to Tokyo.

Give someone else a chance.

We'll be in touch if we have any further questions.


Don't get personal.

I have absolutely no idea why.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the car.

I've never been better.

I almost feel sorry for him.


Socorrito cut me off.

If only she were here, she would tell me what to do.

I regret having told you.

I think I could learn a lot from you.

Several young engineers were employed and were devoted to developing a new computer.

I paid five dollars to him.

What else are you considering?

I poured a drink for Kit and one for myself.

Health is the first condition of happiness.


I prefer to forget the past.


Pedro tried to cheer Lea up, but she kept on crying.

Archie listened to Ben recite the poem that she had memorized.

Margie couldn't believe what he was hearing.


They put a fence around the garden.

You may be able to read the handwriting on the wall, but it is Greek to me.

I'll buy Granville a drink.

I could barely contain my excitement.

Her cheerful voice responded just like that. Guess I was worrying over nothing...


I've waited all my life for this day.

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They stole my wine bottle!


If he will come, I will wait for him till he comes.

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Do you have time tomorrow?

My mother does a laundry every day.

This article pokes fun at vegetarians.

I like fresh air.

I'm not an addict.

We want Pilot to say yes.

Other documents of great importance include the writings of the Jesuits.

Putin declared that Internet is bad for people because it's full of paedophiles, while admitting never using it himself, for lack of time. No doubt that without Internet, Russia is heading for a bright future.

Murph is drinking coffee.

I couldn't eat anything at all.

Why did you think I didn't need to know?

I like listening to Carl play the guitar.

Pete said I made him cry.


Why wait until Monday?

You must request the latest version of the software.

Steen didn't turn in his homework on time.

Does this have to be done now?

I wouldn't be caught dead buying something like this.

Have you got an English-Vietnamese dictionary?

Sal says that he is able to communicate with the dead.

Are you available next week for a meeting?

I'm glad that I was able to assist you last week.

How many students were affected?

We try our best.

I never got along with Gil.

Where do I sign?

Please give me a pen and some pieces of paper.

This heating system burns oil.

I'm sure Oleg will forgive you.

Don't press the wrong button.


Ralf kissed me on the cheek.


Can you translate English into Japanese?

Do you know that?

What do you really want to say?

Nicolo was electrocuted.

Now, please leave me alone.

This would be catastrophic.

Did you notice both pictures are very similar?

What do you expect me to tell Reinhard?

Show me that.

I have good hands.

They're not doctors.

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Elwood is ugly, isn't he?

Subra didn't want Hsi to play with his kids.

The dashboard of this car is completely electronic.

Those people ruin their government, but they don't know how to build it again.

Do you two work together?


I was home for a couple of days.

I got up at six, ate breakfast and then went to school.

Vistlik is very unkind.

This would've been your room if you'd decided to stay with us.

Do you want to go and see a film this evening?

They want change. They hate staying in one place.

John was married to Jane.

Have you figured it out yet?

Could you make the salad?

I heard you are planning to switch majors.

The price they are charging seems reasonable.


The wallet is on the bag.

Pitawas came next.

We didn't know this was going to happen.

I'm beginning to understand why Mitch loves Boston.

He is anxious about her health.

I've already said too much as it is.

Did you get the note that I left you?

Valeria has always maintained that he is innocent, and claims to this day that he was framed.

Don't make such a mistake.

I have no mind to go for a walk.

She put the blanket over the child sleeping on the sofa.


Frederic has been confined to his quarters.

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Urs never threatened anyone.

How long have you two been working together?

We live close to the station.

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When the elevator goes up, the counterweight goes down.


The budget is extremely small.