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Discussing Mindfulness

A series of conversations around Mindfulness.

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PowerPoints with background graphics (particularly the ‘Flow’ theme) can take up to 20 minutes to print. Minimise printing issues for your students by removing backgrounds and then saving as PDF. More information: How do I create print-friendly PowerPoint files for students?

QUT Executive Education: To extend participant existing knowledge and connect them to new peers for an authentic shared learning experience.

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Have your say and connect with those who share your professional experiences. Be part of a purposeful learning community.

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Sometimes, all you have is 5 minutes. Not a problem. We deliver your learning pathway in bite-sized portions, to make the most of your time and your memory.

Expert knowledge and industry peer engagement

Questions? Start a discussion with your industry peers, and our experts – there to support your learning.

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Choose your own adventure! Only you know which path is best to take, so we make it possible for you to decide.

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