The news was radioed to us.

Ginny still doesn't know.


They want us to come in right away.


We're not going to do it.

At the corner, he turned left.

There are many factors.


I did tell you to stay in the car.

Have you seen this file?

He's a proper young man now.

Have I ever told about how I met your mother?

I would like to know what happened to you...


She was supposed to attend the party with him.


What do we do when that happens?

He looks just like his mother.

This is going to take years.


Colin pocketed the money.

Come out now.

They started at the same time.

Are you sincere?

Hienz isn't as good a golfer as he says he is.


I think we'll have to help him.


Tareq picked up the remote control.


I needed to talk to them.

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What's the name of that store again, please?

She spoke to me in a whisper.

Honesty is the last castle.

I didn't expect you to turn up here.

He's stupid and arrogant.

You may stay here as long as you keep quiet.

Roxie wished that Case would tell him where she'd been.

Can I offer you anything to drink?

Panzer took cover behind a dumpster.

My father is contemptuous of drunkards.

The day turned out to be fine.

You are the most meritorious woman of all.

I'm not going to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.

I like those odds.

Zero is a special number.


I won't give them the satisfaction.

"You'd better come in," the man said.

There are many long words in the German language.


I'm going to ascertain the truth of his statement.

Kolkka attempted to apologize in French.

Are you going to be at this afternoon's meeting?

Isn't that awful?

I hate to get into arguments.

Why were you picking up guys?

But I'll do it.

Is your father a doctor?

Could you concentrate a bit more on your exercises? Otherwise, you'll never finish them.

I have an urge to buy something.

I'd be most happy to assist you.

She broke with Cecil before going to Greece.

Jose seldom bothers to comb his hair.

He had used up all the money which his friend had lent him.

It was foolish of him to trespass against the law.

What will be planted in this field?

I hope you and your wife can make it to our party.

Marcos denied it.

Why couldn't you come yesterday?


Kazuhiro gets a good feeling inside when people laugh heartily at his jokes.

Everything was so pretty.

Do you like your car?


Well, we'll see what happens.


Japan is a rich country.

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Kelvin will be jealous.

Vladislav isn't sure what to say.

I call your name.


It was a miracle.


Chinese is the language with most native speakers in the world.

Samir isn't studying French now.

Beckie's strategy isn't working.

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Would you like to read this magazine?

My grandmother's mother is my "great grandmother," so my great grandmother's mother is my "great great grandmother"? Is that right?

Lincoln agreed that all slaves should be freed.

You can't ever tell Susanne what happened.

I am not telling you anything new.

According to the newspaper, it will rain today.

Friends are our link with a bigger world.

This cheese is made from cow's milk.

The bus left five minutes ahead of time.

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You should ask a doctor.

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I have to solve the problem myself.

You'll probably never see me again.

Let me see what it looks like.


I will call back a bit later.

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You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach.

Lisa and I have an understanding.

Victor will be here until noon.

He's returning to the place that you came from.

He's smart, cool and attractive.

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I stayed at home because I have got flu.


We can't help them now.

I've never actually been here before.

Finish digging the grave.

They said this was just temporary.

I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship.

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He failed notwithstanding my advice.


I did a little research.

His name is known to everyone in our town.

This is my hat in the summer.

It is believed that all men are equal.

Jeffrey had a lot of things to do.

We cleaned the room in turn.

He made good progress in handling this machine.


If Katsumi is not allowed to have his own way, he easily gets angry.

You're not giving me much choice.

I think what Jin is doing is worthwhile.

Yesterday I became a god, but found that a bit boring, so today I became a devil.

The police say they know you had an accomplice.

If you understand, please raise your hand.

On second thought, let's go out to eat.

Tracy needs to get help.

He had to part with his secretary because she got married.

It is one thing to make a plan and quite another to carry it out.

It is needless to say health is above wealth.

You apparently haven't known the pain of catfish sting.

Can't you stop him from crying?


What are you studying?


Maybe you did it wrong.

The moon is low in the sky.

I think you should call Tanya.


Jon didn't recognize me.

I'll either write to you or phone you next week.

I didn't know you had company.

Can't you do anything on your own?

You've seen what we can do.

You had better live on your salary.

He thinks that he's the only one who knows how to set traps.


Would you like to ask anyone else a question?

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I finished reading the book.


They'll take care of him.


The child's good health says a great deal for maternal care.

The boy was not upset, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

Shadow wasn't able to attend the party.

My house is near Tokyo Tower.

I said don't do that.

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He may be old, but he is still very healthy.

Hunting game is forbidden in these tranquil woods.

Drawing the Japanese flag is very easy.


How did Bernie move it?

These athletes are putting their health at risk by using steroids.

It's across the street.

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Every Jack has his Jill.

I was sick; I stayed at home all day long.

She is dieting.

The city has no rival for polluted air.

It has been raining heavily for three hours.


She pushed him out the window.

Yesterday I was ill.

How dare you insult my sister!


Don't lie to yourself.

I have some gifts.

I wonder where Joe is spending his vacation.

You must not take either a shower or a bath.

The moment of truth will come soon enough.

The castle, it is open today?

There is little harmony in international affairs nowadays.


I noted that her answer was incorrect.