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Harnessing leading edge technologies with the best creative minds to lead innovation, leveraging SENTEL's engineering heritage.

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Vectrus Systems Corporation Acquires SENTEL and Brilliant Innovations

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About Us

Rapid Prototyping

Brilliant’s diverse engineering staff, which includes software, computer, mechanical, and electrical engineers, enables us to tackle complicated multidisciplinary projects. From our 5200 Sq. Ft. innovation center we combine software and hardware acumen to rapidly generate prototypes and proofs of concepts.

Software Engineering

Software development is the cornerstone of Brilliants capabilities. Our team is comprised of software engineers who are adept in the latest technologies and development practices. Leveraging agile methodologies Brilliant offers responsive, iterative and low risk approaches to demanding software requirements.

Situational Awareness Tools

In a time where data is increasing beyond comprehension, Brilliant specializes in data aggregation and analysis for the purpose of changing data into usable information for decision makers. Our engineers have over two decades of experience creating intuitive common operating pictures for situation awareness, including solutions for mobile devices.

Mobile App Development

Brilliant Innovations has a depth and breadth of experience that is uncommon among software development companies. All the engineers at Brilliant have direct experience providing mission critical software to the Department of Defense. Brilliant began making mobile Apps for military use and since then we have transitioned this experience and skill into the commercial space where we can make mission critical apps for you!

Physical Security Software

The proliferation of sensor systems has significantly increased the capabilities of our physical security software suites. We have specializations in web-based and mobile security software which integrates numerous sensor technologies including intrusion detection, video surveillance, chemical, biological, radiological, and environmental sensors.

Our Products

Aerial ISR

Aerial ISR logo

Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance
 on one unified Command Post

  • Real time video and sensor data from multiple UAVs simultaneously
  • Our team leverages over 20 years DoD sensor integration experience and nearly 100 combined years of unmanned flight experience.
  • Uses: Fire Scene, Hazmat Recon, Policing, Crowd Monitoring, Search and Rescue, and much more.
  • Professional Consulting
  • UAV Flight Training
  • FAA 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
On Scene 360 Recon Image
Search and Rescue Missions Image
Crowd Surveillance and Policing Image
Toxic Industrial Chemical Recon Image
Intelligent Agricultural Image
Wildland Fire Surveillance Image

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Autonomous Command & Control of Unmanned Platforms

The Brilliant Team

Brilliant strives for diversity of thought and creativity within our engineering team. Work with Brilliant to create synergies between your strategic goals and our technologies.

Michael J. Smith

Michael J. Smith


David Young

David Young


Peter Maxwell

Vice President


Virginia Commonwealth University

Brilliant Partnered with the VCU Capstone Senior Engineering Design Projects – working on the Science and engineering behind autonomous vehicles, drones, and solving real problems which help people.

University of Mary Washington

UMW Students are interning at the Brilliant Lab in Richmond. Apply to find out how you can seek an Internship with us.

Henrico Fire Department

An Internationally Accredited Fire Department, being first accredited in 1998 and reaccredited in 2013, serves Henrico County.

Wolfpack Solutions

The Wolfpack-Solutions Group is defined by the opportunity to help our clients, not by the obstacles that we conquer for them.


Equip The Saints (ETS) helps strengthen Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) by building relationships, connecting individuals, and coordinating sustainable alliances that enable them to address critical social issues.