You could relax.

No creature can live without air.

Suu became irritated.

The term "pansexual" has recently become a popular alternative to "bisexual."

The new medicine saved his life.

They seemed OK.

A small car is cheaper than a big one.

That's what we've always wanted.


She really said that?

Call her now.

We got lost.

They're having a meeting.

She is the laziest person I know.

Does that frighten you?

It's necessary to go through customs on arriving.

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How did you get to know each other?

He succeeded by dint of effort.

Nikolai was fuming.

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I'll see you later, OK?

I like roses more than lilies.

Today no one can imagine a life without television.

I promise you that I'll be there anytime you need me.

The events that led up to her present fame are quite dramatic.


Do these insects sting?

Cough syrup. If I don't drink a mouthful before going on stage I can't settle down!

Wallonia is a beautiful country.

I've been giving that some thought.

We repainted the church.

Would you like to go have a drink?

I'm big on semantics; I always want to try to understand as much nuance as possible!

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If I'm reincarnated, I want to come back as a cat.

Nothing more could've been done.

Aimee almost never works on Saturday.

That's for sure.

Amanda dabbles in the stock market.

The milk has a bad taste.

Just thinking about Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.


I was disappointed with the result.

Don't scatter your things about.

You're just in time. Cathrin is almost ready.

I want to be sure Rick is innocent.

Was she seen?

Leon has a scar on his stomach.

Do you have a spoon I can stir the rice with?

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I got this as a wedding gift, but I've never used it.

I want to eat Chinese food.

Jem walked quickly up the stairs.

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We're going to my brother's.

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Tony was scared of me.


Max often forgets to lock the front door.

They called the dog Shiro.

She went out for a walk.


Which car did you buy?

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I'd like to put some money into my account.

You saw what happened, didn't you?

He isn't the kind of person who we want to work with.

Your help isn't needed.

William ordered a bottle of champagne.

Rudy dated Moran for three years.

This room is empty.

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Do you agree about that?


A surgeon lives with Death, his inseparable companion - I walk hand in hand with him.

Who really knows?

The car is at your service.


I can't take your whining anymore!

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He looked very serious.

Go ahead and speak your piece.

Can you imagine dating Amigo, for example?


Perry seems to have many friends.

That's exactly what I used to think.

Why is Surya doing this?

I want you to commit seppuku.

Bjorne can't do even simple arithmetic.

How long can a dead language survive?

Yes, I'm a student too.

The first baseman tagged the runner out.

I hope you will answer soon.

I don't want to disappoint you.

Lack of sleep can gradually affect health.

"You look terrific. Did you lose weight?" "I wish."

I don't think she will come back by five.


Sumitro was much stronger when he was younger.

Even though they love each other, they broke up.

My watch is running all right.

What time are you going to work?

The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is a space mission that will be able to detect gravitational waves.

We had nothing in common.

Frank became very angry.

It's hard to blame them.

I'm a long way from home.

Sundaresan and Greg are close friends.

I'm tired of arguing.

This is the ideology to which my speech is written.

I don't want to die here!

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I want to raise a family.

When I hear that song, I think about my hometown.

Where are you coming from?

Relations between the two countries have been strained to the breaking point.

Love is better than sex.

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Let's all help Metin do that.

Do all plants carry out photosynthesis?

Are you happy with your body?

It's mass hysteria.

It's a closely guarded secret.

I didn't know about your plan.

We probably won't have to go to Boston next week.


We've got three whole hours.

Revised is hourglass-shaped.

I don't remember you asking me to do that.

That's my lunch.

Do you want to be a flower girl?


He was unconscious for several days.


Do you really think that Vicky will be able to help Ram?

What happened was predictable.

It's all we have.


Danny didn't want to let Lyndon go.

You're welcome here anytime, Allan.

What's the big rush?

Where were you the entire afternoon?

I've hired her.

There is one big difference.

Do you know somebody who passed this exam?

Christophe complained that his wife was spending too much money.

I hope you won't sing.

Jesse has trouble opening bottles.

Are you listening, Dalton?

He died a soldier's death in the battle in the cause of democracy.

This is rather unusual.


Ruth stood leaning against the entrance smoking his clay pipe.

He has long experience in teaching.

The train pulled out on time.

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He made spaghetti.

They carried on working from morning till night.

I want a knife with which to cut the rope.

I always list what I need before I go shopping.

No one suspected.

My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.

I usually go to bed at nine.


Meeks slept on the inflatable mattress.

He was tumbled out of the car.

I really didn't understand it.


The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.


The new one is the most beautiful of all; he is so young and pretty.

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I furnished him with food.

Boardinghouses are less expensive than hotels and, in general, you eat well there.

This is an interesting book.

Here is Srivatsan.

You cut down a cherry tree.

He drinks a glass of water every morning.

Alvin woke in a stupor after a night of heavy drinking.

We have dealt with this store for 16 years.

I went back to my hometown for the first time in ten years.

June told me that he had lost his textbook.

Written in plain English, the book can be read even by you.


Are you interested in flowers?

Amsterdam is amazing!

In our factory, goods are produced.


Barbra and his friends painted the barn yesterday.


I have normal eyesight.

Damn! This toaster tries to make a monkey out of me.

No investigation is required.

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Everybody's talking about what happened at the meeting.

Jenine's house is just down the street.

Ram loved the color of List's new dress.


Let's check the map.