Srinivasan had trouble finding his key.

I have a nice golden fountain pen.

Pratt is being very secretive.

May the Force be with you!


The village is beyond those trees.

60,000 lucky number request: I got a request to draw an illustration for the site of Beikyu, who hit the lucky number, "Standing By A Little Maple Tree".

Do you have a valid passport?


Eimi, you assume it's possible when you find the truth, which is impossible.

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Many foreign language students dream of speaking like a native.

My happiness depends on you.

We no longer sell that here.

Saul is much smarter than I am.

Speech is silver, but silence is golden.

My brother is an immature boy.

The mobile phone you have dialed is either switched off or outside the coverage area, please try again later.

Let me taste it.

I don't think you realize what you're suggesting.


He kissed her with his eyes closed.

I have a first aid kit in my car.

I didn't talk to Sanjay about this.

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Everyone says that.


Wait for us, Luke.


Piercarlo never got into any trouble at all.

The accident happened two hours ago.

It's my lucky number.

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The Papal Nuncio is visiting our bishop.

That's a tough offer to refuse.

The report revealed that many teenagers are alcoholics.

Did Jane pray last night?

The drunk driver damaged a tree.

He sat on the sofa with his arms folded.

She is the type men call "stunning."

These are our children.

That will end badly.


Sir seems to have given everybody a scare.

Slartibartfast has been grounded for three weeks.

Modern harps have a series of pedals that enable the performer to tune the instrument to any diatonic scale.

We need to rest soon.

I think your propaganda isn't effective, and you don't even measure the results.

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I've already bought three of those.

How can you lose?

Devon has to be careful about what he eats at restaurants because he's allergic to many foods.

Ron doesn't know who Lindsey is.

Can I please have the bill?

There is no TP left.

Again, the toddler says, "no, I won't" as he is wont to do.

It's an old piano.

He began to cry, to scream, to knock his head against the wall, but the more he shrieked, the longer and the more hairy grew his ears.

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To do him justice, he is not a bad man.

They deal in shoes and clothes at that store.

Drive slowly.

You're supposed to be there now.

You don't even understand the idea of real boredom.


She likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

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Ramneek did a cartwheel.

This may be our only chance to figure out what happened.

He knows how to switch on the lamp.

She awoke him.

My house burned down.

I didn't recognize him.

I feel like I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool.

I forget who said it.

I told Roland I agreed with him.

He had a lot of things to do.

I feel a little uneasy about Indra.

My house is really big.

What that man's done is an outrage.

It has become very warm.

Varda killed Vincenzo for her money.

Chomsky is a structural linguist.

My friend has a large family.


Long before the sun rose, the birds had arrived at the feeder.

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That sucks.

Do you really expect Vickie to arrive on time?

Stop talking about the game.

When I was a kid, I often went to the beach to go swimming.

I have many friends from Recife.


Everything is in place already.

Ilya thinks that his life is boring.

Britain is colder than Italy.

All their plans have gone wrong.

Valerie rolled up his pant legs so they wouldn't get wet.


I'm a bit late.


That would be illegal, right?

The shelf fell off and all the books went tumbling down on Vasya.

Cindy is good at speaking French.


Medics were immediately called.


Give me something to sign.


The same sounds OK!

Marlena doesn't look very happy.

I can't leave Kay.

Jos actually likes me.

The two men were not related.

We must get back.

This TV doesn't come with an HDMI cable.

Kanthan married the girl next door.

He screamed like a woman when he removed the pot's lid and saw my head.

Who said you were going to die?

Move over, will you?

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He should have arrived before noon.

That is pretty fucking sick.

Vote for your favourite place.

She had a few more drinks.

I've never told Dieter the way I feel about him.

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Kabuki is an old Japanese art.

Marnix still doesn't like me.

It is human nature to think wisely and to act in an absurd fashion.

Micheal made Naomi stop.

This book is too expensive. I can't afford to buy it.


Stop beating around the bush.


I ate a fresh lemon for the vitamin C.

I'm totally indifferent to it.

I guess you weren't there.

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Don't give up your work in despair.

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In 2011, Toyota recalled two million vehicles which, they alleged, had gas pedals that could jam and cause the car to accelerate uncontrollably.

I should've told you the truth about me from the beginning.

She's multilingual.

Who would want you dead?

Why does Dave have a gun?


Rod anxiously looked around.


You always leave your bike filthy.

I argued her out of going skiing.

Jacques has a cough.

Such words are so typical for him.

A man of weak will is the target of criticism; even his friends would badger him into correcting his defects.

I happen to agree with you.

Could you please tell me again who your father is?

Please don't die.

I'm afraid your prediction was wide of the mark.

The broccoli is either costly or of poor quality.

It is important to be accomplished in some art.

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I lost my points.


You can't bury your head in the sand.

I wish I were an only child.

Aren't you ever going to sleep?


Was it a good time overall?

You know why we're here.

There is no telling what will happen in the near future.


He asked us to help him.

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Americans have the right to bear arms.

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He was a brave soldier.

We haven't done that in a while.

Did you come here to argue?


Even though it's against company policy, Herb and Takao kiss and hug every time they meet.


Can we see him now?


Tarmi and I were both at the meeting.


I feel like I let the team down.


I came because I wanted to.

Shaw bought three dozen eggs.

Where're you going?


I still haven't paid her.

Do you know somebody who passed this exam?

Do not smoke in public places.


The questions involved go far beyond economics.

I have flu and I'm tired.

It just feels different.

Let's stop the deterioration of the natural environment.

Do you accept Visa card?