He is in charge of entertaining the foreign guests.

Did Bill work there?

In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

Wish you good luck on the exam.

What will you do?

I thought the time for the meeting had been changed.

I've only seen her twice.


He stopped for a quick cigarette.

That was pretty tough.

Her silver armour and her steed dazzled the eyes of the people as she darted past.

You should check on her.

It hasn't been that long.


This book is hot off from the press.

You didn't answer the question.

Brett has a skin condition.

When was the last time you had a steady job?

Did he ever study?

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He is afraid of death.

When did you tell Jock?

You can arrive at a compromise.

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Marcos has a warm heart.

Jelske appears to have given up.

The whole world needs to tackle the problem of climate change together.

We want to see the king.

Was that Woody's actual voice or did she lip sync the song?

Klaudia unzipped the zip file.

Don't slurp.


Shall we meet tomorrow?

Oscar will perk up.

My neighbor found a cache of ancient Roman coins using his metal detector.


Will Hillary Clinton be the next president of the United States?

Randall didn't seem to understand my French.

Don't make me do it again.

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So you're politicians, right?


The book you're looking for is on my desk.

Scientists have detected a magnetic field surrounding Mercury, though it is not as strong as the field around the Earth.

Reid didn't mention Anderson at all.


I think we should buy Jorge an iPad.


Can I see your badge?

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They're gay.

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What's your feeling about the idea?

She's playing with her cat.

I'm itchy from mosquito bites. Do you have something for it?

It's nothing to worry about, OK?

What's the benefit of this?


Good lord.

When will I get to see the effect of this soap?

She helped her younger brother finish his picture.

I told Patty not to get involved with Sandy.

Put some salt on your meat.


The car is orange.


We know what to do.

Turn it off.

Don't you think I know what people say about me?

I don't know what love is.

Good God! You scared me there.

Bert considered his answer very carefully.

I studied there a year ago.


Jitendra was questioned by the police about what had happened.

My father quickly scanned the newspaper.

I'm convinced that you don't want to do that.

Heinrich bent down and looked under the bed.

I won't take this lying down.


We want out of here.


Do you like dogs?

The plane came in 30 minutes late.

Tommy comes to visit us once in a while.

Does it have any sense?

Get to sleep.

Cockfighting is illegal in many countries.

She advised him not to use too much salt.

The guilty left hints everywhere.

Roland doesn't spend much time in Boston.

He is an abler man than I thought.

Brush your teeth properly before going to bed.


On encountering the celebrity, the fans asked for his autograph.

I can't tell if you're joking.

You'd tell me if you weren't having fun, right?


In small towns, everyone knows everything about one another.

That's only the start.

This peach is a work of art.

I wonder when Manolis will retire.

Down pillows change shape when you sleep.

The news of his safe arrival delighted his family.

Tell your friends what you're up to.

Bill is the smarter of the two brothers.

Dori must've been tortured.

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I wonder if you could tell me if there is a post office in this area.

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Then she was a little girl.


I took the child.

Ethan came up with a new idea.

The school is equipped with four computers.


Have you decided?

My mother made me take some medicine.

I think it was a mistake that you didn't take my advice.

Revised is in charge of overseeing the entire project.

I saw some poor cats kicked out.

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In autumn, leaves change color and fall.

Aksai Chin is claimed by India, but controlled by China.

Stop using my stuff!

The fish is not in the water.

No one knew who I was.

I feel lucky today.

When did you pass the exam?

As was to be expected, he took the first place.

He carried her bag.

It turned out that the cards were stacked against her from the beginning of the game.

I am gladder than you are, am I not?

The story of the Holocaust is an infinitely dark stain on the history of the world.

I couldn't help but feel disappointed when I heard the news.

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No parking.


All that happened without me knowing about it?

I should tell her I'm back.

I've been asked to help you.

You're very wise.

They discuss the matter every day.

That isn't the point.

He was in a traffic accident.

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The octopus wrapped itself around its prey.


I've had no problems with my boss.

Robinson is a practical, rational and brave man.

Erwin's opinions don't carry much weight around here.


I don't like your tone.

In general, women live longer than men.

Marion bought Jayesh something.

I cannot appreciate his logic.

I saw through his little game.

Can you come pick me up?

The dog is sleeping on the porch.


To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first.

I agree with the ban in principle, but in practice it will be extremely difficult.

Why don't you leave him alone?

We all want a new car or a new phone.

I never really was on your side.

What does that even mean?

That would be a waste of his talent.

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What is it you want right now?

I didn't get your name.

Every time I call on you, you are out.

It doesn't look like you believe Anne.

He was so hungry that he didn't hesitate to eat everything on the plate.


Try not to think about her all the time.

I don't use languages to talk and say nothing. I use them to serve humanity.

What is the capital of Hungary?

Her derogatory remarks towards her boss caused her to lose her job.

I think we're all a bit crazy.

I say this from my own experience.

Kiki retired many years ago.

The store is close to my house.

I forgot to tell you what time the meeting started.

English deformed several words of French.

Speaking and writing are different.

It's been a long time since I last spoke French.

I bet I can do better than her.


The older you get, the less sleep you need.

Twelve musicians constitute the society.

I can manage.

His attempt proved to be a failure.

Ow! Yukiko! That hurts! Quit hitting me with your fists!

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I'm also a student.

It is wrong to cheat at cards.

Juergen is all business.

His mother had three sons, of whom he was the youngest.

Bugs are attracted to light.