Nobody sings as beautifully in the shower as Anna!

Susan gave the impression that he wasn't happy.

Stay calm. You'll have your reward tomorrow.

We like to listen to birds singing.

I think I just found the problem.

I hate having a monotonous life.

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Let's ask her when she comes back home.


Everett is a professional wrestler.

Murray deserves a reward.

These products are superior to theirs.

If need be, I'll go with you.

Jakob resumed walking.

Tell me!

What do you wish?

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Don't give up English.

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I'm glad we were able to spend some time together.

I watch lots of movies.

Who do we blame?


Seth will talk your ear off if you let him.


I spent the rest of the night beside her.

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I don't plan on retiring yet.

I wish I had known.

Let's try to arrange something.

We used to watch TV.

At what time do you generally take a nap?

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I really don't want to miss that.

They came to the place that was revealed to him by God, and he there erected an altar in the ancient manner, and the wood was arranged just as he wanted to have it happen for his son's burning after he slayed him.

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

He had to undergo many trials.

We were here yesterday.


Prompt action prevents trouble in the future.

Can I see what's in your bag?

He is said to be honest.

Have an excellent weekend.

What medications are you taking?

I meet him once every six months.

She felt restless all day long.


My neighbour thinks that people do not know what to expect in increased awareness of outer space because it could cause a paradigm shift in society.

He was seen crossing the street.

Don't expect me to be truthful when you keep lying to me so blatantly.

We should do this every day.

Eight guys have eyes.

Her hair is black in color and long.

Caroline is a strange kid.

I couldn't wait to go to a hotel.

I was surprised to get a call from Ahmed.


We have to protect each other.

You guys are hilarious.

Moran made a poor impression.

That small house was clean and tidy.

Success does not come from laziness.

She loves the color of her T-shirt.

Caroline must be innocent.

I have come so that you can inform me.

Andreas is using you.


Hillel says that he has to go to Boston tomorrow.


You found him, didn't you?

I just thought we could make up.

Where did Francis take them?

I have a lot of friends.

Yesterday she was writing better than today.

Tao and Andreas went on a cruise near Italy for their honeymoon, but the ship sank and Betty was drowned in his cabin.

Please try your best to get along with everybody else.

The relief pitcher was no substitute for the ace.

She doesn't even speak her own language well, let alone French.

Will squeezed the lemon.

Did you beat them all?


I sent an email to you.

Norman is probably listening to us right now.

My father cut down on salty food as I had advised.

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Venezuela asked oil-producing countries to cut oil production to force prices up.

Our company is a small but elect venture business that assists in entry and totalling of questionnaires.

Can you get help for her?

May we go home?

It's just what I was thinking about.

That's their problem.

Dorothy goes to the market, no matter if Malus goes to the market.

I can place the palms of my hands on the floor without bending my knees.

Don't be fooled by Ellen's e-mail!

Major looked at Nicholas again.

Ethan is doing the shopping.

Would you do that?

Siegurd and Larry embarked on a road trip.

This clock is rarely rung.

John has gone cuckoo.

He's a doctor.

In this book, the writer contrasts Japan with America.

We do what we can.

Where did you get it?

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There was a large crowd in the hall.

Lisa never should've told Masanobu that he loved her.

Floria could tell by Hsuan's accent that she wasn't a native speaker.

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Elizabeth contacted me the other day asking me if I'd play guitar for a charity concert.

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Wilmer watches too much TV.

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Apples grow on trees.

Lucifera Vampirella is cute.

Have you solved the problem yet?

Tovah's apartment is small, but it's very cozy.

Fred saw the plane flying over Zurich.


We'll be there rain or shine.


You might well ask her why she dislikes you.


Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.

This is different from what I expected.

One day two impeccably dressed young men arrived at the home of Rodger and Panos. Opening the door, Hazel saw they were both wearing name tags identifying them as "Elders." Donald giggled; to her eyes, this designation seemed slightly ludicrous, as Elder Hinton was 19 and Elder Bauer was 18.

It is not known when he came up to London.

If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge.

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That isn't our goal.

Panzer got back on his motorcycle.

Tell him what you need.

They have been struck by lightning three times.

Some people say that you shouldn't check your email first thing in the morning.

Is there a cafe where I can have a light meal?

We are never as vulnerable as when we love.

He lives in Tokyo now.

It will be fine weather tomorrow, perhaps.

My sister is so annoying.

Jason poured himself a glass of whisky.


The recruitment team looked for promising employees.

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Would you guys shut up?

Poverty declined by more than 50 percent in Latin America during the 2000s.

The cool air felt wonderful on my face.

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Somebody was talking to them.

Penny is fabulous.

I'm sorry, but can't answer right away.

The door was locked from the inside.

He's got the flu.


I was never worried about you.


He retired at the age of sixty.

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Lots of leftovers remained inside.

Someone asked about Texas.

I need an answer now.


Tomas wanted to become a carpenter like his father.


He likes his spaghetti al dente.

She is really in good health.

We've finished cleaning our classroom.

You can't imagine how humiliating this is.

Father won first prize in the photo contest and was in high spirits.


You have to go talk to Ragnar.

The suspect remains at large.

What'll happen to them?

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Plastic bottles are compressible and recyclable.


When I got up, the sun was already high in the sky.

Gene has lost a lot of blood.

He smells bad.

Don't be discouraged because you are not very talented.

I have finally regained my regular form.


Did she plan to go to Germany?

I want to rent a car, please show me a price list.

Try as we may, we cannot swim to the rock.

Her English was really good.

Mitch is a good girl.


Let it be otherwise.


We needed time.


Tell me who you plan to go to Boston with.

Galen avoided listening to sad and sentimental love songs after he and Jiri had split up.

Feel light at heart; feel happy.

Online, businesses can export all over the world.

She shouldn't go out by herself at night.

You go on without me.

Nothing happened except that I obtained a tiny bit of information.

Glynn and Wendy were best friends.

It is quite common for him to say so.