The wallet that fits
in your routine

For those who always have the smartphone in hand,
and want to have their cryptocurrencies around too.

Your assets in one click

Whether it's on your phone or on your computer, with just one click you can check all your transactions.

You connected to the world

The easiest, simplest and safest way to send, receive, and store your digital assets.

Your cryptocurrencies with you

Access your digital wallet anytime, anywhere in the world in our app.

Who We Are

XForks is a digital wallet, that is, a fully planned system for you to house and move your cryptocurrencies.

We know the current routine of thousands of young people and adults, and we know that time is short. Therefore, we combine speed, convenience and safety. At XForks Wallet you make transfers, purchases and sales in seconds.

Access your balance and your cryptocurrencies at any time of day, after all, it's your wallet! You no longer need to plan and stop for hours of your day to access a wallet because with the XForks Wallet, the assets fit your routine.


XForks has come to streamline. Why spend hours looking for wallets that accept your favorite cryptocurrencies? We select and work with eight different assets! So you do not need to keep searching anymore. All you need is XForks, and in just one click.

XForks Wallet works with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH) and Ripple (XRP). Just choose and start!

XForks App

The XForks app came to take your cryptocurrencies right into your pocket. No hassles, no bureaucracies, no delay. Just download the application, make your login and in a few seconds you will have access to all your currencies, purchases, transactions, sale and other exchanges.

Your cryptocurrencies fits in XForks, XForks fits in your pocket and routine.

XForks Features

We have created a wallet prepared to meet all your needs.
Understand why.


We work with a system that protects your investments from scams, fraud or possible online problems.


We have developed a platform that can be accessed in a few seconds and a few clicks. Easy and agile.

Protection of data

Among our security requirements is data protection. We have developed a secure system, where your account and transactions will always be protected.


We have developed an interface with easy, practical and intuitive design for all users to navigate without problems.


The XForks app is available for free download on Play Store and Apple Store.


We are prepared to answer questions and receive feedback from users with online customer service.