Don't be rough in speech.

I can help.

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It is important to note that his assertion is groundless.

Lea didn't like the concert.

Never mind all that.

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Valentine's Day is celebrated in February.


A cloud is condensed steam.

I ask forgiveness.

He used to eat out every day, but he can't afford it.

You and me have never heard that song again.

When you travel abroad, you need change in the currency of the country you are visiting to pay for a taxi, a cup of coffee or a tip.

Monsters. That's all you are.

What's the minimum salary in Russia?

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This still applies to him.

He committed himself to the investigation.

Will is also an artist.

His talk is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

I'd like to have meat for supper this evening.


I have an appointment with the dentist at 3 o'clock.

Pfirsichbaeumchen knows some words in Berber.

Taxes on French perfumes have been increased in the United States.

Stephen isn't sure why he's here.

I donned a hat yesterday, because it was very cold.

She has more money than brains.

I wrote down every phrase in his speech that he stressed.

She translated a poem.

I like jazz music.

She told me the story in confidence.

This is a statue of Neptune.

I'm not so sure.

It was a dream.

I was so sure it was Space.

Who's that cute boy?

Well, that is a nice cover page.

The post office is adjacent to the library.

I'm afraid Simon will be arrested.

I would like to know what happened to you...

Jesus needs to learn some manners.

Every day Jenine took baskets full of bread to the poor and cared for the sick.

His brother is always watching television.

That's how I was raised.

Let me know when you'll return home.

Brooke didn't know what to say next.

Don't cry before you're hurt.

We'll wait for him.

What does it look like?

Don't change a winning team.


You're unforgettable.

Hurry up! There's only 30 minutes left before the train leaves.

You're good at drawing.

To her sorrow, her only son left her alone.

Laurie told me that if it didn't rain tomorrow he'd go cycling with Jeremy.

I met him.

You're the best dad in the world.


Have you already read this book?


Something's worrying them.

Jim is what is called an absent-minded student.

I haven't heard from my son who is overseas.

She said, "How confident he looks!"

He will be coming to the party.

We didn't play that well.

Are you on crack?


He was never to see his native land again.

Your problem and mine are similar.

Tait told me he'd left his wife.

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He has nothing in common with her.

He lost the watch he bought yesterday.

You can't kill me.

I actually don't know.

He is one of the candidates running for mayor.

We all loved her.

Caroline Herschel was born in Germany in 1750. She was one of six children.


I bet it was Dalton.


You will have to come tomorrow.

Nobody wants to be around you.

That's a very generous offer.

My mother always wears a kimono at home.

She takes a shower every morning.

How are you dealing with all the stress?

Is he breathing?

You don't need one now.

That's a very serious accusation.

You are hot!

How about using disposable droppers?

God blesses those who repent.

Elliot is in the next room trying to get some sleep.

She woke up.

The Cabinet conference was all but over then.


His loneliness was as deep as the blue of the ocean around his dugout canoe.

Be careful that the thread doesn't break.

I asked her to stay out of it.

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Bruce writes very well.

How do you get rid of moles in the garden?

You have to follow your heart.

They say it will be very hot.

I can't get Karen out of the house.

Can we change the subject, please?

Do you want a calculator?


Many people agreed with Mason.

I told you, I disagree.

She needed the money.

The driver accelerated his car.

We're looking for a place to stay.

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No house has only one roach in it.

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A lost dog strayed into our neighborhood yesterday.

I know that he's calling.

A red dress made her stand out.

I'd like to welcome you all aboard.

He lost the bet.

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I'll only buy the car if they fix the brakes first.

Nobody's forcing you to stay.

Cat is puzzled.

We're trying to work here.

I should ask him if I were you.

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What colour is his hair?

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Have you already become a grumpy old man?

I couldn't save Woody.

We saw Mr. Sato leave the room.

If my robot goes on a rant, can that also be called a "roborant"?

Going out drinking with the guys makes him feel macho.


You assemble trucks.

We grow grains and keep animals: ducks, geese, sheep, goats and cows.

Why don't you ever buy me stuff like that?

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Now just lie still.

Check with him.

Lorenzo and Glenn had their kitchen remodeled.

What've you done with Catherine?

Is this enough?


Dinner is ready to eat.

We want them to stay and help.

Dale was trying to look calm.


Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han ethnicity.

I intend to marry you.

Barrio doesn't want to study French.

Beckie couldn't decide where to eat.

It's a gross distortion of the truth.

I guess you've got yourself a problem.

Can I get a dog?

What is a good life?

Kelvin teaches history.

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Enjoy your summer.

I'd like to work with you.

An investigation is ongoing.

As I got the train this morning, I met an old friend of mine.

I think you did an excellent job.


The politician pushed for reform by denouncing the corruption of the government officials.

The traffic light changed to red.

Did Marika want to go to Japan?

What do you have to add to 17 to get 60?

This is not wishful thinking or a dream that may be set to crumble before our eyes.

If you don't get a job soon, we're breaking up.

A DNA test showed he was innocent.

The book is now available.

I hope we can realize these plans next year.

I cannot interrupt the manager. He's gonna fire me!

There is a shared knowledge.


She lost her balance.

This highway saves us a lot of time.

Wait for us here.

I didn't know them last year.

Jane won't come to meet me any more.

I don't want those guys hunting me down.

Who do you think would do such a thing?

From bad to worse!

You can vote by absentee ballot.

This is quite shocking.

I wonder what Olof and Byron are up to.

Did you hear what he said?

Please promise me that you will never tell a lie again.

You don't have to be alone.

Make sure that chair is firm before you sit on it.

They don't speak English.

What did the police want?