Norman really knows how to have a good time.

Morris is in bed with the flu.

I've got better things to do than to keep track of what Peter's doing.

The capital of Italy is Rome.

Why did Old stop?

Barrio and Tad used to be friends.

Why do I have to help you?

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It's good to have you back!

Why do you want this information?

I don't enjoy acting.

We ate sandwiches, cakes, and so on.

It seems that the credit for my prepaid mobile phone account has run out.

You should go to bed. It's almost midnight.

I have just washed all the dishes.


The police searched for the lost boy.

If a major earthquake occurs, a siren will sound.

What keeps you awake at night?


Why don't you hang out with Sridharan?


I won't be able to pay for it.


You're not much of a hero if you don't know how to make a good entrance.

We're kidding.

If you're looking for a job, call me.

Is your son blind?

How many accounts do you have?

Sylvan's less active than her sister.

Their garden is full of very beautiful flowers all the year round.

She has a cute giggle.

Do you think I had something to do with that?


Duncan is really something.

He shall pay you the money at once.

I've known Mott his whole life.

Whose turn is it to set the table?

Stay out of the rain.

We are eight altogether.

I'm really sorry about Syed.


What do you think happened to our family?

Don't take any notice of what he says.

Where are the history records of our chats on MSN?


You need not pay for your lunch.

Peggy wants me to give him my old motorcycle.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

Where's Wolf's car?

Socorrito hasn't been found.


Would you like to come shopping with me?

He looked wise.

I don't think this is a wasp.

I think it is fun to go for a walk.

I see you had to work late again last night.

So, you giving up?

That is why he got angry.

I plan to finish it in two or three minutes.

This road will lead you to the center of town.

I wish to visit Egypt someday.

I'm glad we were there.

Polls have consistently projected a 47% vote for Labour.

The little children were too much for her.

Tickets are tax deductible.

Can you imagine him driving such a splendid car?


Amazon wants to use drones to deliver packages.

You lean on your parents too much. You must be more independent.

I've been secretly in love with her for years.

I wonder if he can reserve the flight for me.

The administration approved the budget.

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Al saw a black van driving toward the petrol station.

Triantaphyllos, I have someone I want you to meet.

The last thing I want to do is butt in.

They wouldn't follow us.

When we get down to brass tacks, we are all as guilty as the persons who actually committed the crime.


Ariel eats only white meat.

You will find your bicycle somewhere in the neighborhood of the station.

I'd appreciate it if you would be quiet.

The patient could've died if it hadn't been for medical treatment.

Some ideals are worth dying for, aren't they, Louis?


I'm having a problem with my computer.

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Which road did you choose?

Each one of us is unique in the way that we respond to situations.

There was bad blood between the two families in "Romeo and Juliet."

Don't let them see you.

I think I agree.


Ronni glanced at the rear-view mirror.

I told them my name was Lex.

What could Frederick have done?


Miltos has been hypnotized.


"I can give her no greater power than she has already," said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?"

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

You're a pushover.

Douglas is responsible for what happened to Shawn.

They saw the file.


When did you buy that from him?

By signing this contract, he waives all rights to his work.

Why is Rebecca hiding?

We'll have plenty to do.

In spite of everything, he came.


Lars was evicted from his home.


He insists on buying a seaside villa.

The travelers are waiting to know the cause of the delay.

You can go home after you have finished this work.

Plastic kills countless seabirds and sea turtles each year.

I couldn't have not asked Jamie this question.

I'm using an expensive watch.

I want everything to be perfect.

Let's keep an eye on her.

Drew is afraid of showing his feelings.

Danny is more famous than you are.

I've lost confidence in Spock.

Shankar could barely conceal his disgust.

I'm scared for my kids.

Murthy saved all of us.

Three bears lived in that little house.

His aim is to become a professional singer.

I suggest you go to Boston with Harv.

Jack is an early riser.

Brandi thinks it would be better not to visit Shahid right now.

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There used to be an art museum in this neighborhood.

I thought I'd give Carisa your phone number.

I can trace my ancestors back 200 years.

Can you change this into small money?

I like strawberry ice cream.

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Mother is going to town.

It's too bad she can't come to the party.

It's a wonderful world.

Brent keeps making the same mistake.

I'm looking out for her.


We knew something had to be done.

How many of you are there at the base?

Do you want to get out of here?

I want to take a year off and travel around the world.

The person in charge was named Elliott.


I've always had this on my mind, but what is Loren majoring in?

When do you think you'll see June again?

This is delicious. What is it?

How do you know what I had?

We don't need to ask for permission.


What would I do if there was no tea in the world?

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You won't have to hide any longer.

Since Olson gained weight over the winter, I think it's likely her swimsuit won't fit her anymore.

About how many days will it take to get there?


I lay in bed thinking about everything that had happened that day.

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I sent a message to her.

Kinshasa is the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There's no way I can catch you.

I doubt that this will work.

It is impossible to be always a hero, but you can always remain a man.


Nancy looks like my sister.

Nobody can outdo my generosity, but I am only a little boastful.

I'm armed.


That was helpful.

I'm still thinking about her.

Bobbie won the science fair last year.

The company spends a lot of money on advertising.

My father is as busy as ever.


I'm sure Darren didn't know about that.

Have you ever seen Kurt's mother?

Ann almost cried.

Do you know Professor Brown by any chance?

I know Andrew did it on purpose.

She is ignorant of even the simplest facts about science.

I really wish you hadn't done that.

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The life of the city was dictated by the mine.

I have post-traumatic stress disorder.

Do you want me to go away?


Saify is a graduate.


Christofer is the guy Joyce is dating.

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Smoking is prohibited in every section of the restaurant.