I depend on my reading glasses.

My class was cancelled.

As an atom approaches the barycenter of a forming star, it trades potential for kinetic energy: the stuff of heat.

Takayuki was unpleasant.

A single incident can change your life.

You ignored Cynthia, didn't you?


The meeting was just about over.


His hobby is painting.

Then he stretched his legs and settled back in his seat.

Vickie waited for Tricia to say something, but she remained silent.


You are my true friend!

I'm as old as you.

You haven't told Skip you're an ex-con, have you?

I'm trying to make it the best that I can.

Mr. White is in charge of our class.


This investigation can act as a foundation for more comprehensive research.

I cannot help laughing to hear such a story.

Explain to him the difficult situation you are in.

He isn't back from the mountain.

The wasp killed the spider.

Did Steen win the race?

I have eaten the apple.

Mike is proud of his father being rich.

Po understands Bud's ups and downs.

Do you want to do something after work?

This music is terrible.

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Christmas is a busy time for retailers.

I like what you've done with this place.

The ship touched ground.

It seems that he knows the truth.

How big will it be?

You're a compulsive complainer.

I'm late, aren't I?


Latin is a perpetual language.


What do you think you should do?


It was cruel of him to say such things to her.

When class is over, it will probably be raining.

I've had enough of Phil.

Arthur always dreamed of becoming a bounty hunter.

Do you hear bagpipes?

I just cut my nails.

If anyone were to talk to me like that, I would call a police.

Whoever told you such a ridiculous story?

You didn't give me any alternative.

A positron is a small particle similar to an electron, but with a positive electric charge.

The fullback was sent off from the match.

She doesn't say certain things.

It might prove useful.

I received a watch as a gift from my godfather.

I'll tell Roy to call you as soon as he gets in.

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i went to the plaza last night.

You are pale.

He ought to know better than to quarrel with such a fellow.

Rajesh wears a headscarf.

I'll probably be arriving late to the office.

How did you know that would happen?

I had to look after Patrick for two hours this afternoon.


There has probably been a mistake.

He held off paying for the television set until the dealer fixed it.

You should call him.


What's on your plate?


It seems so strange.

Your skin is so soft.

You can ask him yourself.


The two houses stand back to back.

Don't you know her?

I want this camera.

I don't know who's in charge of the business.

He is not a man to be trifled with.


Dominic decided on his own to turn himself in.

Tires are made from synthetic rubber.

I have an appointment at eleven tomorrow, but can I change the time?

The Anonymous is still able to deliver.

I was thinking of going to visit Shaw.

Isn't this kind of obvious?

I finally got a job.

Is the ice cold?

Do you ever think about it?


There's no one around.


Day after day I write to her.


Our city has no water service yet.

Dominick always behaves himself well. However, Julian does not.

I hate my hair.

Each day has 86,400 seconds.

Where's the nearest supermarket?

He was contemplating the water of the pond.

I don't deny I made a mistake.


This white coat will look very nice on you.

I was hungry.

The girl reading a book is Kate.

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He won the prize this day week.

Let them come aboard.

You're very generous.

I find you intriguing.

Religion was very important in the Middle Ages.

You'll be interested to hear that Kory thinks I'm hardly ever annoying.

People want more money to expand educational institutions.

Dewey seems to be miserable.

He is a man of the world.


I'm afraid he won't be here until 1:00.

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To win his audience, the speaker resorted to using rhetorical techniques he learned from his communication courses.

We've discussed this.

Skef didn't get his wish.

I won't get anyone in trouble.

Janet knew Diana understood what they needed to do.

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Olof's been meaning to clean out his badly cluttered garage for years.


These projects are part of the regional development program.

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I don't want to go near Saify.


Is there anyone who can speak French here?

Then the younger brother set off, and the elder remained behind.

I have letters I need to write.

I got stung by a bee.

I have a skin condition.

Edward Sapir was an American linguist.

This may not be the best solution, but it'll work.

I'm not a drunk.

Izumi made Archie do it.

Do you study French?

I'll be happy to answer your question.

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We've discussed this.

I wonder what happened to Clyde.

Sam is studying at his desk.


He has been devoted to the study of atomic energy ever since he graduated from the university.


They were friends.


Fay really likes going to the movies.

I know what you could've done.

There is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little.

Case got up and started dancing.

Jitendra pulled out into the traffic.

He is the man whom we all respect.

Kuldip was mostly right.

What'll you do if someone sees you?

I bet you're going to tell me you're too tired to help.

For the teacher, teaching her was fun.

We had lunch together.

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He always behaved badly to me.

Why do you feel that way?

Vijay wants Rex to make spaghetti for dinner.


I share a room with Joachim.

I'll forgive, but I won't forget.

Jimmy gave Kenneth the first piece of cake.

We've almost finished.

How many elephants are left in Africa?

The defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Dan posed as Linda's husband.

Shake off the towels.

What kind of plan is that?


He regrets his mistake.

If I were you, I'd listen to Raymond's advice.

He folded his paper, consulting his watch.

I don't even care anymore.

Do you really want this information to be made public?

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That red-roofed house is my uncle's.

Every family decorates a fir tree for the new year.

Maurice stared at his feet.

Give them some privacy.

Vicky listens to CNN.


I'll be at the front door.


The corpus is not structured as a table but as a graph.

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We're eating up a lot of time writing letters by hand.

I want to eat kimbap.

The world will change in an instant.

You just make sure you tell Felix what I just said.

How do you always get such good marks in school? I never see you even crack a book.