We could accomplish what we had started before.

You called?

This clock is mine.

I'm just feeling a little sick.

I prevail on her to have a date with me.

Without anger and fondness.


The doctor advised a change of air.

Strictly speaking, a tomato is a fruit.

What he was taught he mastered.

Irfan has just been released from prison.

There's no need to do that.

Mountains are not necessarily green.

The old man is always accompanied by his grandson.

Between you and me, the fat ugly man is on a diet.

Where do we go after this?

I am mocking him just as he mocks me.

All of them were terrible.

"What brand is your car?" "It's a Ford."

I don't think anything changes.

I appreciate what Erik did for me.

The money came like manna from heaven.

You are to blame for the failure.

I didn't want to come here.


You don't own me.

You really should talk to me.

It is kind of pretty, isn't it?

Bert called Joanne names to her face.

Samir has no choice.


Well, he's a right scallywag.

I'm still intimidated by you.

I'll meet you there in an hour.

Scot said he didn't really care what happened.

This is no place for me! I was not born for work.

I think Micky's plan will work.

The Van Horn family was rich.

This is my sister. She is called Julia.

Something was wrong with the watch.

Thierry doesn't tell stories very well.

What he had said proved to be a myth.

Here is the book you are looking for.

Kathryn is sad because he is often separated from Trevor in German sentences by a comma.


I plan to never drink again.

Bryce pretended not to know the answer.

We didn't know.


What do you like to do on weekends?

A change of air will do you good.

Mick accidentally dropped the container from his crane.


At first, things were very confusing.


What's Ann hiding from me?

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Are you suggesting that I stole something?


We're not getting dressed.

The eternal flame of love burned only half a year.

We'll help you look for him.

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I want to go to New York.

We became good friends.

I have a high opinion of him.

You'll be able to notice.

She asked me if I could sew.

Therefore, they cannot catalyze deregulation without "external pressure".

Would you mind if I sit with you?

Lum hardly ever talks about himself.

Trevor loves to dance and sing.

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Nick hates my guts.

Go for it!

I knew I shouldn't have mentioned it.


I didn't really care about that.

I'm ashamed of what I have to say, my lady, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to say it.

Tell me who you haunt, I'll tell you who you are.

Tarmi is the only one likely to be able to do that.

The father wouldn't accept his daughter's boyfriend.


I never saw her help her father.


I'm rarely this angry.


This is my page on Facebook.

Do you know who has the key?

I've been pure my whole life.

I have some experience with this.

Naren is a good chess player.

Christie knew immediately that something was wrong.

The people voted in November.

Hubert doesn't seem to think we're in any danger.

They are of average height.


Anthony is the type of person who always smiles.

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I am from Shikoku.

Do not look upon the vessel but upon that which it contains.

If you have a complaint let me hear it. There's a difference between superficial obedience and honest loyalty you know.

She doesn't understand me, either.

We're safe.

Siegurd sat next to his father and watched the football game with him.

He disgraced himself by telling a lie.

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Roxie can handle French quite well.

Our sister bought some eggplants, potatoes, zucchinis and Chinese cabbage at the market.

The contemporary Soviet press reveals a great contradiction between its international Socialist contents and its national-bourgeois writing system.

I imagine that Farouk will eventually learn to deal with the way people treat him.

That store sells newspapers and magazines.

You sounded just like her.

Is one of you Chuck?

Can we get some sleep?

Avery was a very good skier when he was a teenager.


I can't tell you how unhappy that makes me.

People talk even though they have nothing to say.

This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

Can you remember his name?

I thought you might like to know that Rees isn't planning on coming.

Australia isn't Austria.

The novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque has been translated into more than fifty languages.


I haven't been waiting so long.

It may be a long time.

He is experienced in valuing antiques.

The mosquitoes will eat you alive.

I haven't actually met them yet.


Tear gas canisters could be seen on the road after the rioters had left.

That question is under discussion.

Gideon took a picture of a squirrel while it was eating a nut.

The town was deserted by its inhabitants.

Griff grabbed his guitar and headed for the door.

I got a pregnancy test.

I don't know her last name.


I was about to head out.

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I can't read your mind.

I don't know why the management submitted to the striker's demands so easily.

I am feeling quite pleased about what you've said.


I'm glad things went our way.

He knows why.

I'm going to Izu over the weekend.

I write poems, but they're really bad.

I had a contrary opinion to the plan.

This product is a bargain.

She likes to go walking by herself.

Cole is always telling jokes.

Debbie will bring Marc.

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No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

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Jill is taller than all of his classmates.

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And don't forget: I will always love you.

The Earth is a planet, not a star.

From now on, you'll have to take care of yourself.


Who would've done that?

It's not that deep here.

The natives collect and store rain-water to drink.

The work I'm doing at the moment is very interesting.

This never happened.

That's wishful thinking at best.

We're all very proud of her.

We had to let him go.

The education in that institute is simply pathetic.

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She works at a tattoo parlor.

I hope this is worth it.

Nobody can compete with that.

She plays tennis after school.

Perhaps Jussi and Oleg are more than just friends.

Tell me how the robbery went down.

He was surprised at the long-distance phone bill.

Cristopher and I live together.

It is hard to wake up without a strong cup of coffee.

Take only one.

Do you still have my phone number?

Tomorrow ... tomorrow seemed such a long, long way off.

All the visitors returned home one after another.

Is someone waiting for you?

Piotr is a better swimmer than Lori is.

His success delighted his parents.

Should we wait for him?

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Let's start over again.


Desperate men often do desperate things.

Maarten talked about school.

Quit dragging your feet.

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Many people on Tinder are just looking for a short-term relationship.

I slept late and I missed the first train.

You cannot be careful in the mountains.