Roland hasn't been totally honest with you.

Shall we go together?

This was really unfair.

Don't you dare ask them that.

He drove horses tandem out of town.

I don't have a case for my glasses.

I do believe in miracles.

Kamel has started studying French.

The old man, in a voice that seldom rose above the howling of the wind upon the barren waste, was singing them a Christmas song.

Lila trimmed his beard for the wedding.


Jean-Pierre is annoying Christina.

How did all this come about?

How many audiobooks do you have on your mobile MP3 player?

Well, it's obvious now.

Why do we believe it's so important to become a millionaire?

I fell in love with the charming female engineer.

Pratap doesn't have to say anything.


Jaime may not be studying French anymore.

Words fly away, the written remains.

Can I do anything to help Pontus?

It was a good buy.

I love your German accent.

Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

I wish Charlie was here with me today.

You've already drunk mummy's milk. Don't cry, please go sleepy-sleep.

If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to Hotta alone.

He doesn't look very happy.

Make hay while the sun shines.

What did you eat for lunch today?

Starting tomorrow, it's going to snow for a week.


TATOEBA could be an acronym in various languages: The All-inclusive Treasury Of Examples Beautifully Arranged.

I never really thought I'd graduate.

We must maintain a constant vigil.

I'm not a bit interested in chemistry.

My boss is keeping me pretty busy.

I don't like when mothers yell at children.

The manager was out, so I left a message with his secretary.

I have that at home.

I can't believe my ears.

Who did they speak with?

A piano is expensive, but a car is more expensive.


Whose pen is that?


Because Chinese blogs use a lot of slang, I usually don't understand them that well, but I still think it's good for my Chinese.


"Would you pass me the salt, please?" "Here you are."

You'll probably have problems one of these days.

He scaled a fish.

Are you certain this is what you want?

We can tell them later.


Lana seemed OK.


There is nothing left in my stomach, either.


He's getting more and more stubborn with age.

I'd love to go there one day.

It really comes in handy.

Renu has a pretty smile and is always very friendly.

The one thing I know is that I know nothing.

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Where there are two Latvians, there are three political parties.

Rebecca was there to help.

We are going to visit Versailles.

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Let them take a look at it.

Our rival was an honest, competitive person as well.

We knew that.

She bought a chicken.

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth.

Let me answer Albert's question.

It used to be nearly impossible.

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We don't go to school on Saturdays.

You're angry and you have every right to be.

Sridharan chose well.

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Actually, I'm not quite sure.

My wife Lidia is a beautiful, clever woman.

Leith bought some squirrelfish for his aquarium.

We were just about to leave when she telephoned.

Don't ask them where they are going.

You know very well that they don't want to, and won't, listen to you. Why preach to deaf ears?

Choose your weapon.


An injured dog can be much more dangerous.


I have to get Charlene out of here.

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What's wrong with these people?

Have these cakes.

Are there French speakers in Canada?

As a secretary she is a prize.

Was that intended as a joke?

If you can read this, you're too close.

Says who?

I've got as much to lose here as you do.

I love you like I love myself.

Were you going to the railway station when I saw you?

Luis accused Thomas unfairly.


Scientists say more than half of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been destroyed in the past 30 years.


Such a state of things cannot be put up with.

Events in the summer of 1972 set the scene for President Nixon's eventual downfall.

How does Agatha fit into this?


When the dump truck fills up, call to have them come and switch it.


I didn't press Chris for particulars.

Trey probably doesn't even know where Amy is.

From that day on, he'll never say hello to me again.

I would be very happy to hear from her.

I can do this with you or without you.

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Let's try to make her laugh.

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Why do the largest banks need the biggest bailout?

Fritz spends every weekend at his uncle's.

The only place Kazuhiro has ever wanted to live is Boston.

Her approval is important to me.

For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country.

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My father teaches English at a high school.

Trying went crazy with excitement when she saw the squirrel-shaped cookies that Manny had baked.

I'm arriving at the station around one thirty-five.

Nobody wants to play with Kevin.

Don't start something you can't finish.

Molly doesn't play rugby.

Was that all you said to her?

How do you put up with them?

Timothy's blood type is O negative.

Ravindranath was poisoned.

I bought a red sports car.

I bought a pen like yours yesterday.

Might I come in?

The weatherman says we'll have rain in the afternoon.

I think prostitutes are victims and troubled girls.


Daryl informed the warden that John was planning to escape.


I have to go to the toilet.

Which team are you a fan of?

Albert drank a glass of orange juice.

She asked the same question of everyone in turn.

It was horrible to hear about the crime.

He derived much money from his small business.

Poinsettias are poisonous to cats and dogs.

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Is it possible to reproduce 70 copies of your report which appeared in the November issue of The Network and distribute them to our agents?

It is no use trying to argue with him.

Let's listen to this cassette.

Marvin doesn't know where to wait for Marcos.

You don't like me.

I must think it over before answering you.

If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.

Maybe Robin will help.

Pravin is a big man in the company.


It's been raining for about a week.

The work must be completed by tomorrow.

Christopher is already drunk.

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I'm tired of waiting.


You're acting creepy.

I knew who he probably was.

I don't have a dime on me.

It's in my jacket pocket.

Sergio stumbled and fell.

Spy is said to be in England.

I have to use the dictionary.

Chen is not Korean.

Until when will you be in South Korea?

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How many times a week do you take a bath?

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How much should they get?

I don't think you're wrong.

So where were you?

There was not enough fuel.

We haven't started.

Everyone was okay.

You don't deserve this.


Stop playing the fool.


I could help you with that.

Juha likes swimming as well.

I want to live in Italy.

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Sherri and Josip wore matching outfits.

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Malaclypse ate leftovers for dinner.


Don't I even get a phone call?