I might want to go with you tomorrow.

Are you currently using any medication?

He is paid a handsome monthly salary.

I don't like the house he is living in.

Teresa caught a cold.

The liquid flow submits the container to what we call tangential stress.

I want to go to the beach.

Clear off the shelf, and you can put your books there.

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Is Ernest prepared?

On account of the storm, he didn't arrive.

The value of the dollar is going up.

Have you ever repaired a TV?

The bun was half eaten.

It really was hard.

The policy is pretty clear.


I've got to do something I really don't want to do.

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Drink it down.


I already told him that.


Dan kept walking.


It's no use your saying anything.

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This room is cramped.

I have to deal with this issue.


I haven't seen you in ages.

In front of my house there is a charming patisserie.

This tradition is followed in most households.

I'd prefer that we not discuss this now.

Sherman poisoned Deirdre's dog.

Louis maxed out his credit card.

Harmon's bag is near the door.

Jeff should stop his tomfoolery.


The event starts at 4pm.

Did you work last night?

She's sitting on the bench.


What did they expect?

I really appreciated your help yesterday afternoon.

You're like them in many ways.


I raised thee up under the apple tree.

That's very reassuring.

This is a very funny story.

It will be to your advantage to study hard now.

We have to wash him.

Neal is still the same guy.

I can't see where the problem is.

Someone could be hurt.

Can you remember the first time you went swimming?

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There were three letters.

Werner doesn't have much teaching experience.

Get word to Larry.

He was sentenced to one year in prison in Bulgaria.

If you do that the again I'll beat the pants off you.


I can't translate this contract. It's in Italian.

I cannot but admire him.

I think it'd be better if you didn't do that.


I think Masanobu will be ready.

You need money to make money.

Linder is getting ready for work.

Have you had anything to drink tonight?

Donnie was alone in his cell.

Both vehicles caught fire.

Philippe promised not to tell.


We were arguing on different planes to the last.

I was on the road to the town.

Hand in your papers.

Our parents live right across the street from us.

Did you know Hon was unhappy?

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I just wanted to say I don't believe you.

Do Maria and Ernst know each other?

I bought this yesterday.

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I can ski.

We don't have any chance of winning.

It is a great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

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It won't be long before my husband comes back.

When was the last time you found money on the street?

Flies have a keen sense of smell for decaying matter.

The year 1932 found him in Paris.

Now the world in general doesn't know what to make of originality; it is startled out of its comfortable habits of thought, and its first reaction is one of anger.

Will didn't seem to remember us.

I knew they would suspect you.

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The death of my grandmother was a great shock.

Maybe there's something I can do.

That would be awfully sweet of you.

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At Christmas she went out of her way to buy me a really nice model plane.


My work is done.

Turkeer thought about enlisting after being approached by an army recruiter.

You can't always make everyone happy.

Ro knows the police suspect him.

Peggy has been like this for several hours.


This river is beautiful.

I know what those books are like.

Can you repair my shoes?

I am ashamed about what happened yesterday.

Spencer wished he had remembered to buy flowers for Kurt.

A fault confessed is half redressed.

How is your project coming along?

The fire fighters put out the fire.

Kylo never showed.


Please tell me a ghost story.

Shouldn't you be in school?

Mickey tried to be polite.

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He wrote three books in as many years.

I am revising my Chinese lessons.

Did you recognize that man's voice?

Go and ask her.

Norm had the whole place to himself.

My heart goes out to you and your family.

Come on, hurry up!

Thank you for your letter from the seventh of January.

You might want to put this someplace safe.


This looks like a close-range gunshot wound.

It's safe to say they don't much care.

Guido screamed at Nigel.


I'm too old for her.

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Susumu went into the room first.


They heard her.




He got well acquainted with the history of Japan.

Roads were overflowing with humanity.

She killed time reading a magazine while she waited.

It is fall that I like best of all the seasons.

Eliot looked at himself in the mirror.

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You're the real racist for bringing it up.

The cook prepares delicious meals.

I have a flat tire.

She looked away.

i think english is relly useful as a tool in the globalised world


Every vote counts.

Who will take care of the baby?

You must not travel on the train without a ticket.

All the passengers were killed in the crash.

Tours are available.

When was the last time you talked to Coleen?

Let's get together when I get back from Boston.

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Roderick wants to compete again.

Edison was an ingenious person.

Would you like to go?

They hit the mark three times.

In which city is it?

The official language of Israel is Modern Hebrew.

Where did you take this information?

It was totally different.

Don't mix me up.


I'm glad you understand.

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I don't know what Part paid for it.

Don't accuse him of that.

She lounged by the pool.

Ira was determined that his children receive a good education.

Go and ask them.


Jerrie couldn't figure out what Fred was trying to say.

I'll tell you everything that you want to know.

I can't hear you properly, please speak more slowly.

When you shake hands with somebody, you must look him in the eye.

The major advances in civilization are processes which all but wreck the societies in which they occur.

It'll be hard to convince Stacy to help.

You'll like this.

You can ask him for help.

I know I can count on you.

Linda asked Dan to embrace her tightly.

I'm afraid I have taken a wrong train.

The archaeologists discovered over a hundred graves, a few of which belonged to infants.

He ran to catch up to his brother.

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Did you tell Gordon about what happened?

I asked around about them.

I need many books.